The Road to Freedom - Road To Freedom

The Road to Freedom

Footage of the last workshop in the Netherlands:

In The Road-to-Freedom Karel shares his experiences about his own journey towards a lifestyle with less work and more freedom.
The presentation is a must see for anyone who is open to challenge their beliefs about time and money.

Karel will not only tell about his successes but also the numerous the pitfalls and difficulties along the way.

The presentation is suitable for business and charity clubs (rotary, lions, etc.),  entrepreneurs,  universities,  Student Associations or even for a home setting with guests interested in the subject.

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Dit was alweer mijn tweede deelname aan een workshop van Karel en het was wederom een goed verhaal, leuk verteld en vooral waar. Als je de mindshift kunt maken dan is het mogelijk om los te komen van achturige werkdagen en veertigurige werkweken. Karel laat zien dat je én succesvol kunt zijn én een heel leuk leven kunt hebben en zeg nu zelf; wie wil dat nu niet? For all you people in the USA who are reading this review. Karel will be visiting your country next year! Go and see him. He has a good story; it is fun to listen to and most of all it is true. It is possible to escape 9 to 5, to be successful and have a great life. This is your chance, so be there!
Liesbeth de Korte