Karel's Story - Road To Freedom

Karel’s Story

Karel’s Story

In the spring of 2014, I read the 4-hour work week by Timothy Ferriss.
The book resonated in a way no other ‘self-help-book’ has ever managed to accomplish.
All the time I thought: this is doable!

On the other hand, I realized I knew nobody who had deliberately engineered a 4-hour workweek and succeeded.
And, maybe part of the Dutch culture…I am sceptical by nature.

Most books are written in retrospect.
This also applies to the 4-hour week.
Tim explains in retrospect his discovery to escape 9 to 5 and stay productive while working much less.
But as we all know, it is easier to explain the past, than to predict the future.

And here my big challenge come to birth:
I not only started to implement the ideas from Tim Ferriss’s book, but I also shared my goals with the world outside immediately.
From day one I told everybody about my plans.

My personal goal:
Redesign my business (and redesign my life) in such a manner I would be free to go travelling in 2016, with my income secured and on autopilot.

“How do you make your money?”
One thing that struck me when talking about the 4-hour work week with friends and business relations:
Almost nobody asked the obvious question!
When talking about my plans, I got sceptical faces, people making jokes about my lazy nature, sometimes encouragement but most often a kind of weird uneasy silence…
As if people could not relate anymore to this ‘strange man’ I had become.
But most interesting to me: nobody asked the obvious question: “Karel, how are you going to make an income while travelling?”

Of course, some people might see me for some kind of fool, a phrasemonger…
And of course, I can imagine the idea of a 4-hour work week is so far out of their frame of reference or a lot of people, they can’t even think about this as something real.
But even my good friends did not ask the 1.000.000 dollar question.
Although they could see I was “on a mission” with clear intentions to get the job done.
As strange as it may sound, the lack of real interest in my project strengthened my beliefs my mission could succeed.
With working less obviously not on many people’s agenda, there is little competition in the 4 hour work week world and ample of labour willing to do the work for me 😉

Not easy!
There are a lot of workshops and online ‘gurus’ who tell people about how easy it is to make money online.
These efforts are usually aimed at less intelligent people.
The question: If it is dead simple to earn money online why isn’t almost everybody doing it?
There are ample people in this world with a shortage in money and also enough people eager to earn a little more.
Each easy business concept which generates ‘big money’ will be copied immediately and thus be less sustainable and viable on the long run.
Anyway: my advice for people who want to make easy money online is to develop courses in making easy money online because there is a big group interested in this topic 😉

My story is the journey so far was far from easy facing new challenges every day.
But though the route often turned out different than expected; my business starting growing exponentially.
With a turnover of about 100.000 USD in 2013, my business grew in 2014 tot 200.000 USD and 400.000 USD in 2015.
Although I kept my personal income at the same level (about 60.000 USD per year), this growth will be the cornerstone of my income in 2016.
And interesting: All growth was engineered based on the principles behind the 4-hour workweek.

The first big step:
I had been working as a freelance consultant and trainer for years and most of my income was based on an hourly tariff.
The first step I had to make in 2014 is to really step out of the hourly based business.
Most of the today’s labor is bases on trading your time for money. Employees get paid for their presence but also for me as an entrepreneur I usually got paid by the hour.
Unless you are Bill Clinton (and can ask $ 100.000 for a speaking gig) your income in an hourly business is limited by the number of hours you can work!
So the start of an a roadmap towards working less is to start thinking about a scalable business where your income is not time-based!

In the workshop “the road to freedom” I will share my experiences,
Not only the successes but also the pitfalls and bears along the way.

To set realistic expectations:
The honest story is a have no solution for Joe the taxi driver who dreams of getting an easy fortune.
Not Unless Joe thinks of some new business concept like Uber
Same goes for nurse Sue who dreams of relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island.

The real story in creating a passive income is that it is at first hard work!
But the good news: it is possible…
And I tell you all about it in “the road to freedom”

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