Karel's Bucket List - Road To Freedom

Karel’s Bucket List




Things to do
NBA Basketball game A visit to the USA is not complete without attending a real NBA Basketball game including cheerleaders and the USA anthem…
Visit a megachurch Charismatic vicars who spread their ideas like a guru in big mega-churches filled with believers… Fascinating! A true icon of the American Culture.
Burning Man 2016 OK, Burning Man is way out of my comfort zone, but isn’t this where the magic happens? Earlier attempts to integrate in hippie like communities failed. I guess in the end I am a little to mainstream to fit in. But on the other hand, how mainstream is living a 4 hour workweek?
Spiritual Retreat
(in Sedona?)
I have always been curious about the non-visible dimensions in life. So a retreat in Sedona or some other spiritual location is part of the travel plan…
People to Meet  
Jeff Walker I have ‘known’ Jeff for a long time now by means of following his videoblog. Jeff seems like a pretty nice guy so let’s find out when I’m in Boulder Colorado 😉
Tony Robbins The first real inspirational self-help-book I read was from Tony Robbins.
Nowadays every Internet Marketer shows a picture with Anthony Robbins when they introduce themselves for a webinar. As an Internet Marketer, it is time I visit Tony and get my own picture with Tony 😉
Tim Ferriss Duh…
Places to visit
Apple Headquarters The circle: Spectacular building
And Apple is an icon.
Places to stay
Southfork Ranch Dallas During my 6 years of studying Economics I think I learned more about business by watching JR Ewing in action in the popular TV series Dallas than by attending college. So Southfork Ranch is kind of a trip down to memory lane.
Salish Lodge & Spa
(a.k.a. The Great Nothern)
The TV series which intrigued me most was David Lynch’s masterpiece Twin Peaks. So a stay at the Great Northern is a must to follow the footsteps of Agent Cooper. I hope to meet Audrey (and Donna) as well.