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Gmail for Pro’s

E-mail: maybe it isn’t the very sexy subject but I can promise you one thing.
If there is one activity in life where almost everybody has a lot to gain, then it is e-mail.
To help you decide if this video is for you:
If you have an inbox which contains over 15 messages at the end of the day… then this is definitely a video for you!

For I begin a some statistics: At work about one-third of the time is spent on e-mail!
Or maybe I should say: is wasted on e-mail.
Which such a profound task it is strange almost nobody really learned how to deal with e-mail in an effective manner.

When you receive an e-mail there only a few choices you can make:
1. You can delete the e-mail (and maybe prevent of receiving similar messages in the future)
2. You can archive the e-mail for possible later use.
If you like most people think you need a system of folders for that purpose it’s time for a wake-up call: If Google can find anything on the Internet without folders why do you need folders to organize your email?
3. The e-mail requires an action.
Let’s apply the rule from David Allen – author of Getting Things Done.
If replying takes less than 2 minutes do it immediately. Otherwise plan the action at an appropriate moment.
And here it’s get tricky. Most people keep the message in their inbox as a reminder of the task and before you know your inbox is overflowing with hundreds of emails piling up.
With the result of stress (a lot to do) and a very inefficient way of reading e-mail.
Here a hot from a program I use which counts the number of times someone opens a newsletter. Shocking? It all has to do with the way e-mail is handled. And I will tell al about it in my workshop Gmail for Pro’s.

What will you learn:
1. How to integrate all your e-mail addresses in just one Gmail account.
2. Why Gmail has No Folders (this is a huge misconception especially wth people who worked with Outlook) These are no Folders!
3. How you get your inbox clean every day. An empty inbox is an empty mind. So less stress
4. If you are familiar with Getting Things Done than I can teach you how to implement Getting Things Done in Gmail.
5. Cool Add-ons for Gmail like a kind of spying tool where you can peek into a social media profile, fancy signatures, and my personal favorite:
How to change Gmail in a system with reminders so you can’t forget anything anymore and messages pop up in the inbox whenever the time is right.

As You can see there is a lot to cover. Depending the subjects you choose we can do this in 1 to 3 sessions.
I can promise 1 thing. It will be a game changer and e-mail will never be the same.
A few year ago I stopped using Outlook and start using Gmail this even has been 1 the foundations of the growth of my business.
And I will be happy to teach you all the tricks.