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Coaching draft

What do you want to know from someone who has mastered the 4-hour workweek?
In the last 25 years, I followed hundreds (!) of courses about Internet marketing, time-management, automation, outsourcing, list building, screencasting, business-models.
But more important: my own journey towards a 4-hour workweek brought a lot of insights, quite some hurdles to cross and a brought about a completely different look at managing my business.

Interested in learning how to make screencasting videos? We can look at that.
Do you want to start your own online business? Maybe I can help.
Are you struggling to get people to find you online? There are multiple ways to succeed.

Just choose your topic(s)…

Although I use the word coaching, it does not need to be a formal setting. I would rather use the word ‘talking’.
Inspiration and ideas arise naturally in the right environment.
A good moment to talk and exchange ideas can just as well be a beautiful hike in nature, as well as over lunch or dinner.

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